6ixth Sense is a British television programme, shown on Living. Hosted by Colin Fry, it features him giving psychic readings to members of the audience, and occasionally shows one-to-one readings with members of the public.[1]

On 18 July 2003, the ITC sought views on proposed changes to the ITC Programme Code in relation to rules regarding the portrayal of occult and psychic practices on television (section 1.10 of the Code).[2]

The referenced press release contains the following:

In May this year, the ITC ruled that two programmes on the satellite channel, Living TV (Crossing Over and 6ixth Sense) were in breach of the Programme Code, but would not have been had they been clearly presented as entertainment (see ITC news release 35/03 on the ITC website: It was agreed that the Code should be clarified for the benefit of all licensees.

The ITC's proposed wording of Section 1.10 now contains the following text:

Fiction programmes containing 'psychic' phenomena should not normally be scheduled before the watershed, although a fantasy setting, for example, may justify such a scheduling.

ftn now precedes the programme with the following announcement:

"6ixth sense is an entertainment programme. Different opinions exist as to the true nature of clairaudience and clairvoyance."

On Living, a similar note is shown when the programme is aired; "This programme is for entertainment purposes only. Differering opinions exist as to the true nature of clairvoyance and clairaudience." (This is also shown alongside Crossing Over with John Edward)


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