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Chad Calek

Chad Calek

At age 12, Chad Calek regularly heard rumors that his new home was haunted. As a staunch skeptic, he swore he would never accept the existence of "the other side" -- but after an outburst of terrifying paranormal activity threatened to destroy his family (which Calek documented for over a decade), the quest for answers began and a paranormal investigator was born.

  • In 2006, Calek starred in, wrote, produced, directed and released (on the internet) "Terror Normal: The Ghost of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium,” which told the harrowing tale of the reportedly haunted tuberculosis hospital in Louisville, KY. Shortly after its release, Terror Normal racked up over 300,000 views online and left paranormal enthusiasts shocked by the evidence captured during the unprecedented eight day investigation. The film also made its way to Steven Spielberg, who then hired Calek to develop a paranormal-based internet project.
  • In 2007, Calek was asked to appear on A&E’s Paranormal State as a guest investigator, in which his "fear nothing" approach to investigating quickly made Calek one of the prominent stars of the show.
  • In 2008, with 24 on-screen appearances under his belt, Calek also began working behind the camera during Season 4 of Paranormal State by directing the hour long special "Darkness Falls,” which instantly became a cult classic among the fans. This success led to Calek becoming the full-time director for Paranormal State, in which he's since directed a total of 18 episodes.
  • In 2010, Calek appeared as the on-screen lead and director of his own A&E television special "The Ghost Prophecies," which chronicled the modern day investigations of Calek and hisAmerican Ghost Hunter team. The premiere was a resounding success for A&E, making it one of the highest rated paranormal programs in existence.
  • In 2011, Calek is set to release his second feature length paranormal documentary, “American Ghost Hunter,” which Calek directed, edited and stars in. Self-described as his "paranormal opus,” American Ghost Hunter chronicles the Calek family's 20-year battle with intense negative paranormal activity, and Calek's efforts to finally bring an end to the suffering endured over the course of two decades.

Today, Calek is an in-demand speaker at colleges nationwide. His video presentation is considered to be the most compelling collection of ghost evidence ever compiled. Between his encounters with the paranormal as a child, his knowledge gained from countless personal investigations of the country’s most haunted locations, and his time spent in front of and behind the camera with Paranormal State, The Ghost Prophecies and American Ghost Hunter, very few paranormal investigators have the insight and the evidence to back up their thoughts and theories on the paranormal. His unique experiences, sense of humor, honest approach and genuine love for storytelling leave audiences both shocked and entertained as Calek attempts to answer the question... "Are ghosts real?”



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