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Dead Famous: Ghostly Encounters[1] is a British paranormal reality television series that originally aired on LivingTV from June 15, 2004 to June 13, 2006. The program searches for the alleged ghosts of famous deceased people. Curious skeptic Gail Porter and clairvoyant Chris Fleming take a road trip through America looking for the haunted locations where legends of stage, screen, and music reside. Described by the channel as "like a sharper, sexier, and funnier Mulder and Scully", the duo visits places where celebrity spirits are claimed roam: their hotel rooms, diners, gardens, film lots, and theatres.

The show was produced by Twofour[2] originally for broadcast on LivingTV, but because of its popularity, it can be seen in many countries and is currently aired on the Biography Channel.

Both series 1 and 2 are available on DVD, there is no news on when series 3 will be released.

Episode formatEdit

Each week, skeptic Gail Porter and clairvoyant Chris Fleming look into events of paranormal proportions about legends like James Dean, Lucille Ball, Jim Morrison, Marilyn Monroe, and John Wayne. Part travelogue, the show explores the intimate haunts where the famous dead are said to remain.[3]

In each episode, the show visits three locations that have some link or connection to the dead celebrity, although some of these connections seem nebulous at best. All of the locations are researched for their historical connection and presented in a factual way.

Episode listEdit

Season OneEdit

# Original Airdate Location
101 June 15, 2004 Al Capone and the Mob
102 June 22, 2004 Frank Sinatra
103 June 29, 2004 Marilyn Monroe
104 July 6, 2004 James Dean
105 July 13, 2004 Jim Morrison
106 July 20, 2004 Lucille Ball
107 July 27, 2004 Return to Thunderbird Lodge
108 August 3, 2004 Return to Alcatraz

Season TwoEdit

# Original Airdate Location
201 January 11, 2005 Alfred Hitchcock
202 January 18, 2005 Houdini
203 January 25, 2005 John Wayne
204 February 1, 2005 Joan Crawford
205 February 8, 2005 John Lennon
206 February 15, 2005 Bette Davis
207 February 22, 2005 Buddy Holly
208 March 1, 2005 Bonnie and Clyde
209 March 8, 2005 Jayne Mansfield
210 March 15, 2005 Elvis Presley

Season ThreeEdit

# Original Airdate Location
301 January 31, 2006 Mae West
302 April 18, 2006 Nat King Cole
303 April 25, 2006 Billy the Kid
304 April 4, 2006 Bing Crosby
305 January 10, 2006 Carole Lombard and Clark Gable
306 May 16, 2006 Andy Warhol
307 February 28, 2006 Grace Kelly
308 February 21, 2006 Howard Hughes
309 April 11, 2006 Rita Hayworth
310 June 13, 2006 Janis Joplin


Between 11 and 13 November 2005, Dead Famous broadcasted live over three nights from Los Angeles. The show was hosted by Christopher Parker. Gail Porter and Chris Fleming were present during the show. Medium Carla Barron joined the team in this live show.

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