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What's Paranormal?

Paranormal is a term referring to phenomena that cannot be explained by science. This primarily refers to strange events (such as hauntings), entities (such as ghosts), and abilities (such as telekinesis and telepathy).

Wiki-specific ?s

What's the point of this wiki?

Parapedia is dedicated to cataloguing information about paranormal events, entities, abilities, and whatever other paranormal stuff that pops up.

This does not include paranormal media, researchers, cryptozoology, priests, or mediums. Paranormal media is currently limited to lists of paranormal media.

Why is everything being deleted?

Most of the content was either plagiarized in 2012 or does not fall under the new guidelines for what belongs on this wiki. This wiki is now dedicated to the paranormal, and not media (or people) that study the paranormal.

Exactly what is being deleted?

  • Cryptozoology
  • Paranormal researchers
  • Mediums
  • Paranormal media
  • UFOs
  • Mythology


  • May 2021: Delete all pages that do not belong here.
  • June - August 2021: De-plagiarism of remaining pages.